The ResponsibleTech Summit 2020 invites you to immerse in ideas and approaches that ensure the tech we deliver is human-centred and built responsibly.

The team behind the AgileAus Conference is delighted to present this all new digital Summit to invite future-minded people to explore some and more of the following concepts:

  • How can leaders build a culture that embeds trust?
  • What are the guidelines for developing with intent?
  • How to scan for intended and unintended consequences?
  • What fits best into legal/compliance and what inside the product team?
  • Exploring the upside, downside and boundaries of collective responsibility
  • Is it possible to move from human to Human Centred Design?
  • Operationalising human values in software
  • The role of diversity in ensuring responsible innovation
  • How to embed responsibility and accountability into everyday processes
  • The role of company culture and communication of values
  • Manipulating the user for quick wins over transparency
  • Balancing user’s privacy, security with convenience
  • Why current practices to gain informed consent is not enough
  • How is the pace of AI fueling the need to relook at contestability?
  • What questions should we be asking ourselves to ensure ethical design?

Interested in being involved with ResponsibleTech Summit 2020?

Speaking opportunities:

If you are interested in speaking at ResponsibleTech Summit 2020 please send us an email outlining how you would like to contribute including experience, topic and what people will learn to rachel@responsibletechsummit.com.au. A small advisory group we have assembled will evaluate and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



Sponsorship opportunities:

If you are interested in your organisation being a sponsor or you know of an organisation who might be interested in supporting ResponsibleTech Summit 2020 please contact us at carolyn@responsibletechsummit.com.au.

Supporting opportunities:

Interested industry associations and for purpose organisations are welcome to get behind this event. We already have a couple that are signing up to help move responsible tech toward the new norm! If you are interested in being a supporter for ResponsibleTech Summit 2020 please email us at carolyn@responsibletechsummit.com.au.