15-19 June 2020 • Online

15-19 June 2020 • Online


Inspiration for ResponsibleTech 2020

Below is the list of some of the organisations which helped inform our thinking around the conversations needed for ResponsibleTech Summit 2020. This list is by no means exhaustive but is a good place to start if you are interested in learning more!
  • 3Ai Institute at the ANU is helping keep humanity in technology – 3ainstitute.org
  • The Gradient Institute at University of Sydney is an independent, not-for-profit research institute whose purpose is to progress the research, design, development and adoption of ethical AI systems – gradientinstitute.org
  • The Ethics Centre which seeks to embed ethics into everyday life has published the very useful – Ethical By Design: Principles For Good Technology – ethics.org.au/ethical-by-design/
  • Centre for Humane Technology has published their Principles of Humane Technology – humanetech.com
  • Doteveryone winded down after 5 years of provoking change in how tech is made but there’s plenty still to inspire on their website – doteveryone.org.uk
  • The Open Data Institute is building an open, trustworthy data ecosystem – theodi.org
  • The Open Roboethics Institute is a nonprofit think tank – openroboethics.org
  • The Copenhagen letter calls for a “new Renaissance” in the design of technology to put the human ahead of commercial interests – copenhagenletter.org
  • Following the Copenhagen letter, came the Tech Pledge as a new starting point for responsible tech – betahaus.com/magazine/tech-pledge-2019
  • Humanitech is an initiative of Australian Red Cross which seeks to progress humanitarian outcomes through the use of new and emerging technology such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics – redcross.org.au/news-and-media/publications/humanitech-paper

Videos, useful links and resources referenced at the ResponsibleTech Summit 2020!

Day 1

Justine Lacey (CSIRO) – Is responsible innovation the pathway to responsible tech?

Leanne Kemp (Advance Queensland) – Every organisation needs a Chief Entrepreneur

Kate Carruthers (UNSW) – Why Data Policy is important in this new world of AI and Machine Learning

Chris Cooper (Responsible Tech Australia) – Responsibility + regulation: taking on big tech

Manita Ray (Capital Human) – Why do we still need to make a case for Gender? Is data and tech the solution?

Day 2

Matthew Beard (The Ethics Centre) – The four horsemen of unethical technology

Laura Summers (Debias AI) – The elusiveness of ethics: encoding fairness in an unfair world

Ellen Broad (3A Institute, Australian National University) & Lindley Edwards (AFG Venture Group) – In conversation: Bridging the gap between the roles in responsible tech

Em Campbell-Pretty (Pretty Agile) – Responsible Tech starts with teams, tribes and scaling culture

Day 3

Jon Whittle (Monash University) – Let’s get real: how can we actually embed values and ethics in software?

Amber Case (Cyborg anthropologist and user experience designer) – Designing Calm Technology at human scale

Zena Assaad (3A Institute, Australian National University) – The emerging safety considerations of robotics

Phil Gadzinski (Elabor8) & Tony Ponton (Elabor8) – Creating the next normal: remote Agile governance

Day 4

Julian Thomas (RMIT University) – Responsible Automation: Understanding the social aspects of Automated Decision-Making

Lachlan McCalman (Gradient Institute) – Building more ethical AI targeted marketing systems

Peter Alexander (Digital Transformation Agency) & Sek-loong Tan (BCG) – Rapid design and delivery of COVIDSafe

Day 5 (workshops)

Wendy Cole (iMastery) – Optimising focus & mastering distraction

Kim Ballestrin (Elabor8) – Personal Kanban

Sandy Mamoli (Nomad8) – Individual performance is irrelevant

Lachlan McCalman (Gradient Institute) – Building ethical AI systems

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